Farmers Insurance Agents: Offering policies to suit you

Strong winds. Harsh weather conditions. These are things that every Oklahoman can understand. Farmers insurance agents in Enid, OK will not discriminate against mobile or manufactured homes; When it comes to offering protection for the roof over your head and everything under it, we’re ready to service you. Farmers insurance agents in Enid want to make sure you have a feeling of security. We know that your home just might be one of the largest financial assets you decide to purchase in life. So, it makes sense that you would want to look after your home with a mobile and manufactured home insurance policy.

Mobile and manufactured homes are different than other homes, and Farmers insurance agents in Enid understand that mobile home owners have different coverage necessities. That’s why the Farmers Mobile and Manufactured Home insurance provides specialized coverage, designed specifically for the mobile home owner. You might be thinking, “What coverage options do you get?” Here are three main things having this insurance can do for you:

1.) Property Damage: It can cover most direct, sudden and accidental incidents (unless excluded in your policy). A few examples of this would be fire, lighting, explosion, vandalism, falling objects, burglary, water damage, wind and hail.

2.) Liability Coverage: It will include liability coverage for you in the event that you’re legally responsible for an accident. For example, if you caused injury or damage to someone else or their property then your insurance policy could possibly cover their medical bills, lost wages or property damage.

3.) Customizable Coverage: Farmers insurance agents in Enid will give you options to additional insurance coverage for mobile and manufactured homes. Some examples, include additional living expenses, debris removal, emergency removal service and repair after a loss, and food spoilage.

For more information about Farmers Mobile and Manufactured Home insurance policies, give your local Farmers agent in Enid a call.

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