Enid Insurance Agents: Prevent property damage during storms

It’s that time of year when the yard has started turning green again and flowers have bloomed, but in Oklahoma there is no guarantee everything will remain all rainbows and butterflies. Enid insurance agents know all too well the trickery of Oklahoma weather. We’re certain you know what we mean; one minute it’s sunny and the next you’re in a torrential rain. The word no one wants to hear is tornado, however; just because we don’t want to think about tornadoes doesn’t mean they won’t cause high winds when they come! With high winds from a tornado there comes the risk of debris hitting your home.

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety has recommended some yard maintenance improvements for hurricane season on the coasts, but Enid insurance agents felt that the tips could easily be applied to Oklahoma’s tornado season. They should be easy fixes to your property that will help to reduce the risk of property damage and Enid insurance agents agree with these plans:

1.) Replace gravel/rock landscaping materials and walkways with a softer material, such as mulch or dirt.

2.) Trim trees and shrubbery away from structures and remove any weakened sections of trees that might easily break off and fall onto structures.

3.) Trim away any limbs close to utility lines that could potentially pull down lines or even entire polls.

4.) Remove yard debris, such as tree trimmings, promptly in order to reduce the risks of flying debris.

5.) Secure any parts of your fencing that appear weakened or loose.

6.) Before a storm arrives, move loose objects in the yard inside, such as lawn chairs, toys, garbage cans or signs, and secure heavier objects deeper into the ground.

What do you think? We hope that these yard maintenance tips will help you to make your yard a little safer in the event that a tornado should form in your area.Enid insurance agents are always looking for the best ways to keep our customers informed. Always remember that regular property maintenance can prevent potential damage and costly repairs!

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