The Drew Ritchie Agency Reminds You Of Maintenance Needs

The Drew Ritchie Agency knows fall has truly arrived when the air turns crisp and there are shades of orange and brown everywhere the eye can see. With every changing season, our Enid insurance agency thinks it’s a pretty good idea to have a checklist of car maintenance to prepare your car for the long haul into the next season. There are so many ways that you can do the right thing for your car this fall. We have put together this helpful list of maintenance needs that will get you headed down the right track.

1.) Clean the car underneath and the body of it.

2.) Inspect wiper blades for damage and replace when necessary.

3.) Squeaking brake pads or metal scraping sounds means it’s time to replace them.

4.) Rotate tires, check air pressure, tire tread and any signs of damage. Replace if needed.

5.) Replace oil, air and cabin filters to keep car functioning properly.

6.) Check and change fluids in car if needed (coolant, radiator, power steering, etc).

7.) Inspect hoses and belts, under the hood, for damage. Replace if needed.

8.) Test your battery and check for corrosion to make sure it’s still good to go.

Keeping up with your routine car maintenance is super important. The Drew Ritchie Agency knows you may feel that car maintenance is one of the most demanding things to keep track of, but we hope this list helps. Completing this checklist is a good way of making sure that your car is protected and stays “healthy.” Of course, if you need other ways to keep your car protected our Enid insurance agency can review the many car insurance coverage options that Farmers has to offer. Just think of it like having a one of our friendly agents in your corner.