The Drew Ritchie Agency Provides Additional Coverage

So you have an insurance policy for everything you think you need it for, but the scary part is that in the back of your mind you still wonder if you have everything covered. This is a common thought process for many insurance customers. What can you do when the basic insurance coverage may not be enough? Grab an umbrella from The Drew Ritchie Agency, of course! Silly, no we aren’t talking about a real umbrella. Although that may be helpful in a rain storm it won’t provide you with additional insurance coverage. An umbrella insurance policy, on the other hand, is the perfect add-on policy.

Umbrella policies may seem difficult to understand, but they can be explained easily by your friendly, Farmers Enid insurance agent. The time to ask us about an umbrella insurance policy would be if you want coverage above the limits of your liability policies. There are also other benefits to having an umbrella policy, as well. For example, Personal Umbrella policies can fill gaps in your coverage with added benefits, such as:

*Coverage for claims that may not be covered by your underlying Homeowners, Auto, or Watercraft liability policies, such as libel, slander, or defamation of character.

*Coverage anywhere in the world.

*Coverage for defense costs and attorney fees associated with claims against you that are covered by your Personal Umbrella policy, but not by your primary policies.

If you caused an accident, would your current liability limits cover the judgment against you, or could your assets be at risk? You can’t always control what life throws at you, but you can have protection in place to prevent your unpredictable circumstance from taking over your life. Talking with The Drew Ritchie Agency may help you determine if there are situations that may require a little more attention or coverage.

Talk to our Farmers Enid insurance agency about adding a Personal Umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio.