Preserving Your Carpet With Deep Cleaning

Perhaps, you vacuum religiously or maybe you only give your vacuum a whirl on the occasions when someone is scheduled to drop by your house. Do you think vacuuming alone is enough to get rid of all the dirt buried in your carpet’s fibers?

The truth is that vacuuming alone doesn’t pull up the dirt that has managed to make it down to the bottom. The best way to keep your fibers looking great is to have the carpet deep cleaned. That being said, gathering information from expert cleaners lead us to list these top 3 reasons carpet needs to be deep cleaned!

1.) To Improve Visual Appeal: Let’s face it, when you have a stain on your floor it’s really difficult for the eye to be drawn anywhere else. It may sound vain to say so, but no one like seeing stains which makes them think your floor is dirty, even if it has been “cleaned”. Vacuuming is great, but in addition, preventing stains from becoming permanent requires a deeper cleaning method.

2.) To Improve The Scent: Have you ever walked into a pet owner’s home, or smoker’s home and immediately the scent of the carpet gave it away? You try to be nice, but the whole time you are thinking about that smelly carpet. Bas smelling carpets are often even worse than the visual of dirty looking carpets. Unfortunately, carpet is a magnet for unwanted dirt, crumbs, and other grimy things. Deep cleaning will take care of this!

3.) To Improve Overall Health: As mentioned above, because carpet does attract so many things like dust and pet hair it can cause health issues. Allergies and upper respiratory problems are part of the risk. While you may get used to living in your home, thinking about exposing your family and friends to that kind of environment which can be harmful to their health. Again, deep cleaning is the most wonderful solution to this problem.

A deep carpet cleaning gets from the top all the way down to the fibers. This helps eliminate set-in stains. Routine deep cleanings are also necessary to have that refreshing, homey smell you want your friends and family to be custom to when they drop-in for impromptu visits. Finally, keeping your carpets clean is a great way to avoid allergies and the spread of bacteria.

You may be thinking you’ll just do it yourself. In some cases this may be fine, but understand that most rental machines lack proper suction which leaves too much of the cleaning solution and hidden dirt behind. Furthermore, if the soap is just sitting there then the carpet is going to take too long to dry. Carpet that dries quickly reduces the chances of moisture reaching the carpet backing and pad.

Quick Tip: Vacuum 1-5 times per week and hire a professional to clean 1-2 times per year (at least), depending on the level of foot traffic in your home.

If you need help finding a company known for deep cleaning carpets, consider one of these already vetted resources:

1.) Company Name: Royal Restoration 
Phone # : 580-977-8933

2.) Company Name: Executive Cleaning & Restoration
Phone # : 405-588-4533

3.) Company Name: Pro-Clean 
Phone # : 405-377-5346