Why you Shouldn’t Skip Roof Repairs

Your roof takes alot of punishment protecting you from the elements. Ice, Rain, Hail, and countless other conditions hammer your roof until all year. One mistake many homeowners make is thinking that as long as there isn’t a gaping hole in their roof things will be fine.

Don’t be fooled!

There’s a higher price than you might think to skipping roof repairs. The truth is that your roof can sometimes suffer unnoticeable damage and damage that might seem too small to worry about. However, these small problems can stack up and cause real damage in the long run.

Sometimes, you might notice smudge-like marks in your shingles and think nothing is wrong. However, those smudges indicate loosened ceramic granule particles. These particles are usually there to protect your roof from harmful UV rays. If that protection begins to wane it leaves the tar underneath exposed. Eventually the heat and UV rays from the sun will melt and leave the underlying wood exposed. Exposed wood means water entry, which means big roof problems.

If you don’t think it’s worth the hassle calling your insurance provider with a claim for post-storm roof damage, imagine what it will be like to tell him part of your roof caved in. According to ImproveNet, the average cost of storm, wind and hail damage is a little over $5,000. If flooding were to take place the cost to refurbish the home would depend on the damage done.

Some people can testify paying for damages up to $70,000. We don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest to pay that much due to neglecting their roof repairs. It’s probably best to bite the bullet and call a roofer at the first sign of damage rather than wait until it’s much too late. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend anyone climbing onto their own roof. The good news is that some roofers will offer you a free roof inspection before you decide to spend any money.

Some accounts have people paying as much as $70,000 for damages. We don’t think it’s best for anyone to pay so much just because they didn’t want to repair their roof. In the long run, it’s best to pay a some now and call a roofer at the first sign of damage than to wait and risk paying much, much more when real damage hits.

If you need a roofer, consider one of these trusted sources:

1.) Company Name: USA Roofing
Contact Name: Randy Judd
Phone Number: 580-242-8996

2.) Company Name: Pioneer Construction & Insulation
Contact Name: Lindell Newman
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3.) Company Name: Van De Steeg Roofing
Contact Name: Greg Wells
Phone Number: 405-755-7500