Great Seasonal Tips to keep your HVAC in working order

To Optimize Air Flow:
Keep all the areas around your vents a clear as possible. Keeps furniture away from vents to keep from blocking flow. Rugs can also block flow so make sure those are far enough away from vents. Keeping your bedroom doors open can also help optimize air flow throughout the whole house.

Minimize Unit Damage:
Keeping pests and pets away from the outside unit are the best ways to avoid damage to the unit. Build a small barricade so dogs and other pets can’t get close to it. Using an eco-friendly pesticide will keep most insects away, preventing them from getting inside and damaging the unit.

Keep Unit Clean:
Keeping the unit clean is also critical to the long-term health of a unit. A couple of things you can do are turn the A/C fan off when mowing the lawn to keep grass out of the unit. Also, periodically check the unit for debris and clean it out.

Clean Air And Change Filters:
Keep your HVAC in working order by regularly checking and changing the furnace filter on your HVAC unit. You can also help keep the interior air clean by setting the thermostat fan to “on” to circulate out dust.

These are just a few tips, but there are other things to consider as well such as keeping the ductwork clear and kink-free. Regular maintenance check-ups by a professional HVAC company and getting ongoing protection for your unit can also help.

Many companies offer low-priced, preventive maintenance service contract that range from around 70 to 100 dollars. For that price they’ll send someone to clean and service your HVAC unit and replace air filters.

The cost of replacing an entire air conditioning unit as a result of neglect can have you spending thousands of dollars. Therefore, keeping up with regular maintenance could save you some heartache and money in long run.

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