our-mission-button1 What we stand for… Our Values:

  • Integrity- To maintain the highest of ethical and professional standards and accountability for our performance. To be a company always known for doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • Respect- To treat people with dignity and value their contributions and to earn the respect of our peers, regulators, rating agencies and the public.
  • Courage- To go where no one else has gone. To risk failure. To say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. To always be engaged and an active participant.
  • Achievement- To have the urgency and adaptability to achieve great results for yourself and the team. To go the extra mile. To contribute fully, day in and day out, to the success of our team and our company.
  • Social Responsibility- To be the best at meeting the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Collaboration- To be one team focused on our vision. To empower people to take the necessary actions to deliver on our commitments and to ensure everyone participates.
  • Curiosity and Action –To demonstrate a passion for what we do by constantly questioning the status quo and taking action to innovate and improve.

Our People… Who We Are:

  • Solid –For over 80 years, we have maintained a culture of precision, stability and thoughtful planning. Our reliability and scale make our customers feel secure and confident that our performance will extend into the future.
  • Engaged- We work diligently with all of our constituents to understand their needs, and we think ahead on their behalf to protect and further their best interests. We are open, frank, and fair.
  • World-wise –Our curiosity makes us keen and constant observers of the world. We learn, we draw insights, and we continually turn them into useful ideas that we can put to work for our stakeholders.
  • Challenger –We find new ways of solving problems. Our culture of focused experimentation encourages unconventional thinking. We constantly seek new options in both process and product to deliver long-term benefits to our customers.
  • Agile- We make it our business to spot and evaluate change to gain every possible advantage for our customers. While we focus on long-term goals, we strive to be nimble and to manage change smoothly along the way.